Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to Register Oracle XML Reports in oracle apps R12

Oracle XML Publisher is a template-based publishing solution delivered with the Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides a new approach to report design and publishing by integrating familiar desktop word processing tools with existing E-Business Suite data reporting. At runtime, XML Publisher merges the custom templates with the concurrent request data extracts to generate output in PDF, HTML, RTF, EXCEL or even TEXT for use with EFT and EDI transmissions.

                                                                           STEP -1
Navigation: Login into Oracle Applications –> Go to System Administrator  Responsibility –> Concurrent –>   


  • Executable: This is User Understandable Name
  • Short Name: This is Unique and for system reference
  • Application: Under which application you want to register this CONA_PO Program
  • Description: Description
  • Execution Method: Based on this field, your file has to be placed in respective directory or database.
  • Execution File Name: This is the actual Report file name.
Action: Save

                                                               STEP -2
 Create a new concurrent program Purchase Order Report that will call the CONA_PO executable declared above. Make sure that output format is placed as XML.

Navigation: Go to Application Developer Responsibility -> Concurrent ->Program

Note: Output Format should by  'XML' for registering the report in XML.

                                                                      STEP -3
Make sure that the report parameter name and the token name are same.

                                                                      STEP -4

Add this new concurrent  program to the corresponding responsibility.
Navigation: Go to System Administrator Responsibility ->Security ->Responsibility->Request

                                                                      STEP -5

Next process is to attach the designed rtf file with the XML code. 
In order to attach the rtf file the user should have the responsibility XML Publisher Administrator assigned to him.

First provide the concurrent program short name as Data Definition name in the  template manager and register the template using the data definition created.

Navigation: Go to XML Publisher Administrator->Data Definitions->Create Data definition.

Note: Make sure the code of the data definition must be the same as the short name of the Concurrent Program we registered for the procedure. So that the concurrent manager can retrieve the templates associated with the concurrent program


Now create the template with the help of template manager

                                                                      STEP -6
Navigation: Go to XML Publisher Administrator->Templates ->Create Templates.


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