Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Workflow :- Hiding Workflow Buttons

1. Identify the .wft file that contains the definition of the process for which the email notification needs to be changed.

2. Connect to database using the Workflow Builder.

3. Open the .wft file in Oracle Workflow Builder.

4. Go to (M) Help > About Oracle Workflow Builder

5. Change Access level to 0 and check 'Allow modifications to customization'.

6. Expand the node of the item that needs to be changed, then under it, expand the  Messages node.

7. Right-click on the message that is currently sent to the users, and needs to be changed.

8. Define the attribute #WFM_OPEN_MAIL (Template for email with response).

9. Set its Default value to WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_OUTLOOK.

10. Click on Apply and save the change, and retest with a new WF process.

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