Monday, 8 April 2013

How to Check the File Version in Oracle Application

Check the File version

Two ways to check version of file.

    1. Adident    2. Strings

 ADIDENT Utility in ORACLE application is used to find version of any file.

 1st Method

   Syntax : adident Header filename.

   e.g If you want to find out the version of appvndrb.pls
        $ cd AP_TOP/patch/115/sql
        $ adident Header appvndrb.pls
        o/p :
         $Header appvndrb.pls 120.78.12010000.83 2010/04/27 21:00:55 vinaik ship

2nd Method :

 Using Strings:

  Syntax : strings -a Top_name/location of file/filename | grep '$Header'
   e.g $ strings -a $AP_TOP/patch/115/sql/appvndrb.pls | grep '$Header'
   o/p : /* $Header: appvndrb.pls 120.78.12010000.83 2010/04/27 21:00:55 vinaik ship $ */
      $ cd $AP_TOP/patch/115/sql
      $ strings -a appvndrb.pls | grep '$Header'


grep '$Header' $INV_TOP/patch/115/sql/INVTXGGB.pls

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