Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to find the Concurrent Program for which Responsibility to assign in Oracle Apps Query

SELECT   f.application_short_name app_short_name,
         user_concurrent_program_name program_name
  FROM   fnd_request_groups a,
         fnd_request_group_units b,
         fnd_concurrent_programs_vl c,
         fnd_responsibility d,
         fnd_responsibility_tl e,
         fnd_application f
 WHERE       a.request_group_id = b.request_group_id
         AND b.request_unit_id = c.concurrent_program_id
         AND a.request_group_id = d.request_group_id
         AND d.responsibility_id = e.responsibility_id
         AND d.application_id = f.application_id
         AND user_concurrent_program_name =
               NVL (:REPORT_NAME, user_concurrent_program_name)

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